About Us

"I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy."

- Ernest Hemingway

Our mission is to...

Strengthen appreciation of wildlife
Build bridges between cultures
Help you have the time of your life!

About the Founders of Authentic Africa Adventure

Teri Priebe

Co-Founder of Authentic Africa Adventure

Hi! My name is Teri Priebe, and I live in the USA in Virginia. I have worked in the travel industry for over 30 years, and have had the great fortune to travel extensively. I can honestly say that going to Africa for the first time several years ago changed my life! There's something very special about experiencing first-hand what you've only dreamed about or seen on television. Having grown up watching "Wild Kingdom" every week fostered my love for wildlife and for adventure. Actually going to the great destinations within Africa years later cultivated that love and expanded my appreciation for the fascinating cultures within Tanzania and other African countries.

Tanzania, in particular, is my favorite destination in the whole world. The vast wildlife and diverse cultures make for the most interesting and enjoyable journey you can imagine. I am excited to continue to work with my colleague Daniel Mambea, expanding our ability to share our passion for Africa with you, the traveler.

Daniel Masha Mambea

Co-Founder of Authentic Africa Adventure

Jambo! (Hello!) My name is Daniel Masha Mambea. I was born and brought up in the northern part of Tanzania, where the world famous Mount Kilimanjaro is located. My passion and interest for wildlife began while I was in primary school, and then I moved to Arusha for higher education, where I attended different wildlife colleges within and beyond my country of Tanzania. Upon completion of wildlife colleges I immediately started my career with the Conservation Corporation Africa as a tour Guide/Ranger, and I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience in South Africa at Earth Scene college. I later joined a different company in Tanzania, where I was elected as a Tour Leader, leading Oversees Adventure Travel groups to East Africa.

Authentic Africa Adventure is the result of my 18+ years of experince and my new partnership with long time travel agent Teri Priebe, who is equally knowledgeable and widely experienced in the tourism field. I strive to bring my  experience, expertise and knowledge to every aspect of our business, and I am proud to say that I will always go the extra mile to ensure all of our clients have the time of their lives while always feeling safe and comfortable. 

The Story Behind Authentic Africa Adventure

On the first group adventure that Teri led to Tanzania in 2011 she met Daniel, an experienced & knowledgeable young professional in the Tanzanian tour industry. They began to realize that their shared passion for the wonders of Africa would be the perfect base for a new tour company.

Teri & Daniel founded Authentic Africa Adventure in 2015, after working together for several years on escorted group trips. These years of developing and executing group adventures made it apparent that they were a good team, so they dedicated themselves to forming the tour operation based in Tanzania.

Whether you would like to join one of our Escorted Adventures (Teri travels with groups from the USA or meets them in Tanzania) OR take part in an Individualized Adventure, our goal is to provide you with a lifetime of amazing and unique memories!