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 Tanzania has more land devoted to national parks, reserves, conservation areas, marine parks than any other wildlife destination in the world... about 38% of the country's land!

 Tanzania has 20% of Africa's large mammal population!



A park that often overlooked by the safari goers but still bustling park of 1100sq miles. The park has large number of wildlife, dry season being advised to be the best season for safari. Tarangire rivers runs through the park attracting thirsty animals looking for water. Tarangire mobs of Elephants easily encountered wet or dry season. Swamps, tinged green year around are the focus of many the park’s birds species, one of the highest tallies for any of the protected areas anywhere in the world. 


About 28% of the land in Tanzania is reserved for national parks and conservation; there are a total of 16 National Parks in the country! Tanzania is home to the legendary Serengeti where some of the greatest and the most spectacular species of animal of the world are found, and of course where the Great Migration takes place! From the spectacular plains in the in southern part of the Serengeti where wildebeest give birth to thousands of calves every February, to the famed rivers in the western corridor and the Northern part of the Serengeti where epic crossings occur, the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania is amongst the most incredible parks in the world. 


This crater used to be a mountain; in fact, it used to be the highest Mountain in Africa, with its peak soaring even higher than the famed Kilimanjaro before its collapse! two volcano leaving a crater of about 12 miles in diameter where over twenty thousands animal that lives year around in the crater from the smallest gazelle to elephants.


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One of the many in the great rift valley chains of lakes which contains different vegetation zones , there is a great diversity of game to be found and most notably the tree climbing Lions, Elephants, Blue Monkeys, and the highest numbers of Baboons, flamingoes for a solid line of pink for miles along the lakeshore.   


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