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Medical Mission

Community service is important for many reasons. Taking part and volunteering teaches compassion and understanding. One of our favorite things about community service is that there are opportunities and choices right in your very neighborhood. You can volunteer for something you really believe and have an interest in, and can volunteer as much or as little as you’d like or have time for.
For the past four years  in a row, we continue our friendship with a Community where we are traveling with our guests, The purpose  is to help poor and suffering people who leave difficult lives for a variety of reasons through free Medical care .Travelling with AUTHENTIC AFRICA ADVENTURE you will be automatically being part and parcel  of this community support for the better healthy of the community we travel through. 
    AUTHENTIC AFRICA ADVENTURE is always recruiting doctors,nurses,therapist,opticians, and any kind of professional that is willing to join our each May of the year Medical Mission trip and Offer your skills, expertise and your kind heart to the people in need. For more info and how it works or more details on the medical mission trip,
Please contact Teresa Priebe –   +1(540)760-8178 – Email:


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